Patient Success Stories

For many months, a torn rotator cuff was keeping me in so much pain, I could barely lift my arm at all. Surgery was not an option. My acupuncturist referred me to Marklan for manual therapy. I could barely tolerate any physical touch to my shoulder but he was able to work very gently. With each treatment, my pain level was decreasing and I was able to lift my arm more and more. I am now dancing again every week and able to reach into the kitchen cupboards over my head! He has since helped me heal from a bad fall, and I see him each month for what I call my ‘tune-up.’
— Irene Stein, 98 years young
In a car accident, my jaw was broken in two places and I lost several teeth. The healing was slow and I was experiencing very limited range of motion when opening my jaw, misalignment of my upper and lower teeth, and a lot of pain in my TMJ, jaw and remaining teeth. My doctor referred me to Marklan for CranioSacral Therapy. The work was very relaxing and my pain was quickly reduced. After several months of treatment, my bite is now aligned, my range of motion restored and I am free of pain. I honestly do not know what I would have done if I had not found Marklan’s work.
— Lisa Fisher